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  • What is my first step to select a contractor?
    You should always check the license of the contractors you like to obtain estimates from. You can visithere to obtain a history of the contractor you like to possibly work with. "" Make sure the license is active and the contractor maintains the worker's comp insurance.
  • What is my first step to get a quote?
    The first step is to obtain a concept design based on your style of layout, material and wish list of items you like to include in your project. We offer first visit complimentary review of your project and help you with what to expect from the designer and how to get started for the conceptual plan design with a minimal fee which will be fully credited toward your project contract total.
  • Do you offer video conceptual design vs. paper design layout?
    We offer both. We can show you the concept design in a video format if you are a visual person. Also, we offer the plan view in large scale for top view evaluation of the concept plan.
  • What is the process after I obtain my plan and final design?
    We offer a full-service delivery and completion of association paper processing, obtaining city permit paperwork and resubmittal of any correction from the association for final approval. We guarantee all submission for final approval by the association and city permit final.
  • How soon can I start my project?
    You should allow 4-6 weeks for design concept, association submission for approval and city permit processing (if needed) before construction start date. Associations are very clear on not starting your project until a written approval or partial approval letter is issued.
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